Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two story diner in Roslyn

You can see some of the story here from Roadside Online.

I hope to visit this diner in one or two months.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chuck Wagon Diner - photo

Here is the latest picture from the Chuck Wagon Diner on US Rt 20 in Princetown. Stainless steel still needs to be added to the left side of the diner, but it is almost completely on the front of the diner now!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Out Route 20 - Our two new old diners

Just want to keep everyone up to date on the former 9&20 Diner and Ketchum's Chuck Wagon Diner.

9&20 - The diner is receiving a new roof. The ceiling is fine, but the roof was sagging about 4 inches. Joe Merli and crew have put new metal ribs to hold the ceiling and a new metal I beam in the roof to keep it true. The back wall of the diner has also been replaced on the right hand side.
All in all work progresses very well.
The booths in the diner that were 1960s replacements for the originals has be replaced with the old booths from the Silver Diner from Schenectady. On the first week of October, Joe will host a chicken BBQ where people can take their meal and eat it inside of the diner. People will also be able to explore his village.

Ketchum's Chuck Wagon - Work is really going well for Tom Ketchum and crew. Much of the interior is functioning. Booths do need to be added to the interior, but there are still a few things to do before they go inside. The stools do need to also be placed in the diner. The addition and the basement look very well. They both are mostly taken care of. Currently, Tom is grading the exterior front and back parking lot and has recently added a tree near the road. The stainless steel could begin to go on the diner any time now. The walkway up to the diner is a heated walkway.
Over the summer, his crew straightened up the walls to the diner, and put in new windows. The interior is really well preserved!