Thursday, May 23, 2013

Canandiagua, NY - A Kullman?

Seems that I have found a mystery Kullman diner just east of Canandaigua, New York.  This picture is from a 1962 newspaper article from a Shortsville, New York newspaper.

While I can not say for 100% sure this is an authentic diner, nor can I say this is a Kullman, it sure looks like a diner.  What I do know is that in a May of 1962 classified ad, there was mention of the same Realty company having a Kullman diner for sale.  Off hand, I do not know of a Kullman that made it to the Canandaigua region at any time.
  Also notice that Mrs. Campbell was from Lancaster.  A Robert Estes had a diner in Depew, New York that is still around today known as the 50's Diner, a Silk City.  One might believe this is the same Robert Estes.  Robert Estes ran that diner from 1955(really sometime in 1954 as the diner is #5425) to 1966 based upon the city directories.