Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There were at least tow diners in Dansville. There may have been a third, Cities Service Diner, that was there for less than a year, but that can not be verified.

One of the diners in Dansville was built by Richardson. This diner became known as Mike's Diner, moving just once to make way for a Post Office. In a photograph that included the diner, it looks like someone put two Richardson diners perpendicular, or built the addition to mimic the original diner, just set perpendicular. I really can not tell which one is the original diner, it's that good at the distance the photograph is from.

The other diner was opened by Mr. Arthur Nelson of Gowanda around 1927. Arthur Nelson was running a home made diner in Gowanda from 1921, that was built by his father-in-law Peter Schneider. Sometime around 1927/1928??? that diner was replaced by a Liberty dining car(Charles Ward of Ward & Dickinson fame went off on his own) So maybe this Dansville diner was the original Schneider built diner? I won't know until I see a photograph.