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Earl Richardson and his diners. 1925

There was a nice find in the research of Earl Richardson and his building of diners in Silver Creek, New York.    I always knew Earl sold a bunch of his diners to local residents who sometimes stayed away from home, and other times would shortly come back to town.  In 1925, A Silver Creek newspaper published an article that mentioned a list of local owners of Richardson's diners.  A good majority I knew about, others I was mostly sure they were Richardson built diners, but there were some nice additions.  Plus there are a couple not mentioned here that do make me wonder. 

  I will put my comments in [ brackets ]

The manufacture of dining cars, in
Silver Creek has become one of the
main industries during the past year.
The Pioneer builder Mr Earl Richardson,
formerlv of Westfield, N.Y.
started building dining cars in the yards
of Madigan Lumber Company. The
business picked up with such speed
that it was necessary to build a factory
which could handle the orders.
This plant was built close to the depot
in account of loading the building material
A concrete building was erected
about 80x30, complete with the latest
wood working niachinery.
The new car recently installed to replace
the old one which has been in
Central Avenue near Main Street for
the past few years, is the last word in
dining car elegance.
 During the last year cars have been
made in the Richardson Dining Car
factory and sold to the following parties:

Byron Legters, Pen Yan, N.Y.   [still there]
George Dickinson, Newark, N.Y.  [sold to his son and moved to a Ward in Albion]
Sullivan & Emmiger, Buffalo, N.Y. - [I think 821 Abbott, but this week found that Emmiger owned a second diner in Buffalo.  Maybe both were Richardsons ]
Anthony Siefert, Erie, Pa  [ unknown address ]
Joe Muscato,'Franklin, Pa.  [appeared in the first edition of Diners of Pennsylvania]
Charles Tiedeman Erie, Pa [ 712 Peach, replaced by Ward and then Silk City ]
Howard Clute, Ravenna, Ohio  [moved back to town, bought diner in Silver Creek, then went to work for Ward & Dickinson]
Neil Paul, Belleview, Ohio [ local historian said they replaced the diner with a newer one in the 1930s and the old one went to Indiana ]
Ed Root, Galion, Ohio. [ Neil Paul is mentioned as being part owner]
C. E. Hofer, Falconer, N.Y.
Harold Huer, Warsaw, N.Y.
H. Smith, North Tonawanda, N.Y.  [ replaced by National/Sharpe in 1927]
George Shultz, Buffalo, N.Y. -  unknown address
Harry.Hotchkiss., Fredonia, N.Y. [ fire, and replaced by Ward in 1927 ]
H. Jackle, Ashtabula, Ohio
S. Neebuhr, Conneaut, Ohio
Geo Dietzen, Painesville, Ohio [ related to Neebuhr]
Wm. Martin, Greenville, Pa  [ replaced by on-site diner in 1960s]
Ted Graf, Warren, Pa.  [ I believe replaced by a Ward ]
R. Philps, Hamburgh, N.Y.
George Smith, Corry, Pa. [know nothing about this, maybe have been replaced by Mulholland]
Chas. Haviland, Wellsville N.Y.[ moved to Bolivar]
A. G. Wasmund, Wesleyville, Pa.
Clem J. Yonk, Bryan, Ohio. [moved back to Silver Creek, bought diner in town and later worked for Ward & Dickinson]
Jack Frost, Springville, N. Y.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Carmel Diner

  What is the use of having a blog if you don't post some history some of the time.   Here are some newspaper articles/advertisements concerning the Carmel Diner in Carmel, NY

The diner started out as a barrel roof diner and was replaced by a Silk City diner.


Tuesday morning the large dining car recently purchased by Dudley Adams,
arrived here and was placed on the foundations prepared for it on the
corner of the Ludington Arms property at Fair and Main streets. Work on
electric and water connections have been completed while the interior has
been cleaned and it is expected everything will be in readiness to open it
for business Saturday morning. The diner is about 45 feet long painted
green and the name "Carmel Diner" appears On it. The central compartment
contains the general equipment for cooking, an electric ice box, space
for general food supplies and a long counter with revolving chairs. In the
west end is a compartment with tables for ladies and in the eastern end
a lavatory.
Electric lights line the exterior of the car. The entrance is in the central part
of the car on Fair street. Regular dinners will be served in addition to
all kinds of sandwiches. The diner will be open from 6 a. m. to
midnight daily with an experienced chef in attendance.

May 1934

Dudley Adams this week purchased the Carmel Diner at the Junction of
Main and Fair streets from G. Roy Brown, who purchased it from Mr. Adams
eighteen months ago. Mr. Adams Instituted the lunch car business here about two years ago this
spring when he purchased the Carmel Diner and had it moved to the busy
street intersection here.  It was a new venture here and has proven very popular.
A few months later he sold it to Mr. Brown and then established the
Mahopac Diner on new Route 6 at Mahopac. He sold the Mahopac Diner a
few weeks ago.


A shiny new diner will soon be added to Carmels business section, replacing
the present' diner at the comer of Main street and Fair street. The
old diner has been operated the past four years by Max artd Ruth Pearlman,
who will continue to serve top meals at .bottom prices in. the same friendly atmosphere
The new diner, modern in every detail, of stainless steel construction is
expected  to arrive within coming week.  It will have six booths and 20 stools at the counter.
 The car was constructed by the Patterson Vehicle company of Paterson, N. J and is 40 by
15 feet.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two more PA Counties

Lehigh County

Monitor Car & Body Co 11/3/26 satis 9/11/28 #3301
Robert B. Murray
resided B'Way @ Brodhead Ave in Bethlehem

O'Mahony 4/2/28 #5635
Edward Rembert "Eddies Diner" 12.5x40 #398-B
resided 438 Hanover St. Allentown

O'Mahony 11/15/28 #6886
George Davidson "Eddie's Diner" [from above]
resided 13 Carlysle St Allentown

O'Mahony 10/23/28 #6790
Harold Bartholomew & William Waelchli

Tierney 5/31/27 #4085
Richard J. Collins
renew 8/1/28 for $6478.25
diner #1091
resided 2044 Walnut St Allentown

O'Mahony 6/28/33 #9798
George Stratton
placed on lot 20-23 of Union Blvd, Allentown
renew 6/25/36 for $5669; 6/22/37 for $4119

Ward & Dickinson 1/3/34 #10059
Claude V Merker
[also filed Northampton County gave $5000 and diner #235]

Ward & Dickinson 9/19/32 Satisfied 1/18/37 #9494
S.C. Hand & Leon M. Cobb

Brill 11/24/37   [see Northampton County ]
Alexander Hook
10.5 x 40

Lee Dickinson 7/21/39 satisfied 3/30/43 #14050
Henry Gunby

J.B. Judkins 3/1/41 #15422
Anthony Mangino
had a second #15536 for same parties worth $17,510

O'Mahony 6/20/39 #13915
Elmer J Anderson "Irving Diner"
renew 6/17/42

O'Mahony 5/29/39 #13820
Elwood C Hager

O'Mahony 4/8/39 #13660
Andrew Hacker
renew 4/8/42 $5520

Paterson Vehicle 10/3/38 satis 11/13/45 #13312
Julius Lowry

Paterson Vehicle 10/3/39 #14253
Warren J Longenback

Kullman 7/7/53 #19624
Charles F. Steckline Diner #305
102-104 N 6th Allentown [seemed already located at address]

Paterson Vehicle 12/17/47 satis 3/13/50 #17260
Eugene C Nowicki

Paterson Vehicle 3/25/49 #17896
George R Charron

Paterson Vehicle 5/9/53 satis 5/10/55 #19560
George R Charron
1019-1025 Union Blvd

Paterson Vehicle 6/29/50 satis 6/21/56
Red Diamond Inc
606 State Highway Emmaus

Paterson Vehicle 12/15/50 #18678
Charles Steckline & Hoyt Jones Steckline Diner #2
ren 12/5/53 for $10,200
Diner #5073 29x40

------------------------------------------------------- Northampton County -------------------------------

Only had  1931 -> 1954  so missing 1925-1930

O'Mahony 8/27/32
H.D. Ackerman's

O'Mahony 1/31/33
Ackerman's Diner

O'Mahony 2/6/34
Genevieve K. Davis
for Ackerman's Diner

O'Mahony 6/16/32 satis 9/16/42
Michael Pitela
Palace Diner

O'Mahony 12/31/30
William C. Mills & Fred Rush

Paterson Vehicle 6/15/31
James Lindley
assigned to Charles H Wagner 5/4/34 for $3730.65 then back to Lindley 4/9/36 for $2805.25
assigned to Charles H. Wagner 3/31/37 for $2227.75

Ward & Dickinson 8/10/32
James L. Dick

Ward & Dickinson 1/3/34
Claude Merker
Diner #235 [ also filed in Lehigh Co ]

Ward & Dickinson 12/21/32
James McNair
assigned to Charles K Williams 5/15/37 $5620.50 from Lee Dickinson satis 9/15/39

Margaret Moore July 1934
Howard Hovey
[this is the one Moore brought down from Westfield]

J.G. Brill 11/24/37
Alexander Hook

Paterson Vehicle 8/24/38
Club Car
ren 7/14/42 for $1125

National 6/23/41 satis 1/19/44
Alexander Hook
Annex 9/9/41 for $5688.50

Paterson Vehicle 11/30/40
W.C. Frankfort

Paterson Vehicle 5/22/40
Steel Diner Inc

Paterson Vehicle 10/16/39
Samuel Lowry

Fodero 5/11/48
Joseph N. Caeser

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Canandiagua, NY - A Kullman?

Seems that I have found a mystery Kullman diner just east of Canandaigua, New York.  This picture is from a 1962 newspaper article from a Shortsville, New York newspaper.

While I can not say for 100% sure this is an authentic diner, nor can I say this is a Kullman, it sure looks like a diner.  What I do know is that in a May of 1962 classified ad, there was mention of the same Realty company having a Kullman diner for sale.  Off hand, I do not know of a Kullman that made it to the Canandaigua region at any time.
  Also notice that Mrs. Campbell was from Lancaster.  A Robert Estes had a diner in Depew, New York that is still around today known as the 50's Diner, a Silk City.  One might believe this is the same Robert Estes.  Robert Estes ran that diner from 1955(really sometime in 1954 as the diner is #5425) to 1966 based upon the city directories. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Newark Diner is on the move

Ron Dylewski sent me this article, which is nice because it contains some history a few of the other articles did not contain.

"The Newark Diner closed its doors Sunday, April 7 for the final time. Owner Jim McBride will turn the keys over to new owner, the Larkin Company on April 15."   The final destination will be Buffalo, New York

  The diner will go to Steve Harwin's place in Cleveland(mistake in the article) and get "restored"  One can only hope that it is getting new wood and new booths and maybe more original looking tile on the floor on the inside, but I also hope the glass counter stays, but i'm not holding my breath on that one.  not because of Steve or the owners, but just because of sanitary regulations are overzealous at times.

  When the 1939 Sterling diner came to Newark, it was direct competition to a Richardson built diner that was doing gangbusters in the 1920s.  George Dickinson, who owned many diners in his time was the first owner of that diner. He then sold it to his son in law, and from that point on, not much is known about what happened to that diner.

  Here is hoping to a safe landing in Buffalo in short order!   Can we get more diners into Buffalo?  Resurgence!!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Erie County, PA

Many of the diners of Erie County were built in New York state.  Matter of fact, the only diner company who filed Conditional Sales records with the county that was not from New York was the Paterson Vehicle Company who sent three diners to Erie County.  Two of these have been accounted for, and the third has a possible location, although a postcard of the diner in later years does not match, so some research needs to be done there.
  Still, there are some diners in Erie that have not been accounted for from the conditional sales records.  Maybe some of them are Tierneys, as that list is a little fuzzy right now.  Hopefully, the city of Erie still has their building permit records.  Pennsylvania has what are called Open Records Officers, so if you are unsure, you write to the representative for the part of government, and they will tell you if the records exist(or find out) and will get back to you promptly.  If only every state was this good!
  Other notes:  Conditional sales are only for diners bought on the payment plan. If you had the money, you did not have to file a conditional sale.  Also, it does not seem Bixler filed these anywhere, or did so with a different name other than Bixler.  Like any record, these are not a perfect system, but they are helpful
Two diners are listed under Dunkirk, the sales arm of Mulholland, an independently owned company. Conditional sales did not start until mid 1925, so all three confirmed locations for Mulholland diners, Corry, Union City and Wesleyville may have already received their diner.  And maybe one of these was in Erie?  I need to check 1926 and 1928 city directories for these two names.  With the renewal date and assignment, they had these diners for more than just a year.
National Diner - This was Dr. J.J. Sharpe's company name.  I believe this diner was either replaced by the rare Guy Russell built diner(moved from Ripley, NY) or was one of two diners that were supposedly in North East, PA
Richardson - some strange stuff going on here. He had passed away awhile by Sept of 1926. So maybe his paperwork was passed to his son, who was running the company. But something doesn't make sense.
Reinhardt's  They had a chain of diners, as many as four at one time it would seem. One Tierney was posted on Flickr and another was in the original version of Diners of PA.

Dunkirk Dining car
William F Pollock 11/3/1926 $4000 #4499
renewed #5754 7/9/1928

Dunkirk Dining Car
A.A. Smith 7/21/28 $2675 #5874
assigned to Forestville bank 8/16/1932 #7205

National Dining Car Co
Arthur Wasmund & M.L. Manning 4/18/1925 $3600 #1347
{believed to be North East}
Wasmund Arthur
Marion Manning 6/15/1925 $1 #1348 interest in dining car

Paterson Vehicle Co
R F MacKendrick Jr 5/11/1948 $18850 #20925
"Boston diner" satisfied 5/23/1951
Paterson Vehicle Co
Harold E Curtis 6/16/1948 $18800 #20995
{Lawrence Park}
Paterson Vehicle Co
R.J. Ross 7/18/1949 $19500 #21751 renewed #23483 satisfied 10/24/1952
Robert Ross had diner at 3624 Peach in 1954
E.B. Richardson
George F Reinhardt 9/4/1926 $1302 & $590.75 #3361

Anthony C Seifert
R.G. Richardson 9/4/1926 $1302 & $590.75 #3360

George F Reinhardt
Leo W Schmidt 4/11/1927 $3000 #4864 satisfied 11/2/1927

Leo Schmidt
George G Reinhardt 11/2/1927 $479.50 #5264

Karle William
George G Reinhardt 11/2/1927 $479.50 #5264
Leo Reinhardt
George F Reinhardt 11/22/1929 $1500 #8071

Leo Reinhardt
Lawrence Cunningham 3/17/1930 $2700 #8072

Leo C Reinhardt 8/1/1926 $7250 #4476

Leo C Reinhardt 6/21/1928 $502.50 #5766 diner #1007

Leo C Reinhardt 6/21/1928 $5819 #5767 diner #2121

Leo C Reinhardt 6/21/1930 $1850 #7718

Leo C Reinhardt 11/11/1929 $5060 #7379
renewed $1575 #8739 11/11/1931
Leo & Geo Reinhardt 3/5/1931 $1349 #8189

Ward & Dickinson
Louis Del Porto 6/6/1927  $3000 #4984 diner #53
Have never found Del Porto listed, so don't know what happened to this diner, was in Erie
Ward & Dickinson
L.H. Youngman 6/6/1927 $3000 #4985 diner #59
short time in Erie, quickly moved to Oil City, PA then Waterford, NY
Ward & Dickinson
Val Manwaring 12/31/1927 $5500 #5369
13th at French for only a few months. diner #78
Dickinson Lee & Ward Charles
to A.M. Liebau 6/9/1926 $4900 #2088
5 East 18th
Ward & Dickinson
A.M. Liebau 3/27/1928 $1625 #5538 diner #55
continuation of above. diner sold to E Reynolds then B. Loper.
Ward & Dickinson
E. Reynolds 7/16/1929 $7500 #7095
25 West 8th, sold to Hopkins diner #209 (this could be below, unsure)
Ward & Dickinson
E. Reynolds 8/24/1929 $5100 #7150 +equipment
156 West 13th St
Ward & Dickinson
Mrs J.J. Schoos 10/28/1929 $6300 #7290
710 Peach St. replaced Richardson model
Ward & Dickinson
Mrs Gracell Hughes 3/26/1930 $4600 #7493 reconditioned
diner #15, came from Buffalo
Ward & Dickinson
R.F. MacKendrick 2/6/1931 $6500 #8126
bought Schoos's diner
Ward & Dickinson
Barbara Soper 9/30/1931 $4500 #8668 satisfied 11/4/1938
may be 156 West 13th St from Reynolds
Ward & Dickinson
Mark Hopkins 10/31/1931 $6900 #8692 diner #209
bought from Reynolds. 25 West 8th, moved to Westfield and called Elk Dinor in paper.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Research Notes

I need to come up with some web pages to discuss what I have done and what is available out there.

Chattel & Conditional Sales Research updates

Unite States guide to state links:
new Jersey can get rid of them, unfortunately

Massachusetts can get rid of them.

New York is SUPPOSED to be permanent, but these regulations were not passed until 1988, and I think many of the municipalities got rid of the records before 1988. Here is the Town/City, check page 114 .. Also, chattel records are filed on either the county or town level. No rhyme or reason. 
I think I need to email the archives about building permit indexes concerning Utica -

No clue for New Hampshire. It seems like they had one book where they wrote down everything, not just chattel/conditional sales agreements. But on the good news, building permits info are permanent.

  Maryland - looks like they can destroy the records also.

no help with Maine:Might have to email for assistance.

Unsure on michigan, though looks like building permits are permanent records

Pennsylvania should have conditional sales at the county level. Each county is different on the amount of info filled in. Index books/dockets are permanent, individual forms are hit or miss, based on space.Although the index books are permanent, but also can be at Historical Societies if a Judge gives the permission as happened in Wayne County.

  Nothing on the Rhode Island Website.

West Virginia - no luck, they're allowed to destroy them... But what I am wondering about are Notary Public Records.

Virginia is going to be a crap shoot too - search conditional sales