Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some history from PA

Recently going through my first Conditional Sales Docket book in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, I came across this entry!

Ward & Dickinson #126 to R.F. Shetler
$5700 in remaining payments
$150 1/1/1928, then 9 months thereafter
$175 11/1/1928, then 9 months thereafter
$200 9/1/1929, then 2 months thereafter
$1850 12/1/1929
Satisfaction on 1/7/1931

"Ward" Special Dining Car #126
28 feet of marble counter tops, 12 stools, 1 electric exhaust fan, 1 hood, 1 cook stove, 1 steam table, 1 back counter, 12 screens for ventilator windows including window locks, fasteners and hooks.
1 electric fridge(Kelvinator), 1 clock, 1 twenty one foot counter, 2 built in tables and 4 booth seats, 1 dish sink, cash register and coal heater.
2 screen doors, electrical fixtures and wiring, floor linoleum, awnings, dishes, silverware, glassware, 1 hot water heater, 1 cream dispenser, 1 coffee urn, fire extinguisher.

Notary - Helen M. Dickinson

on a side note, Shetler owned a Ward in Hagerstown, Maryland and later bought a Silk City Diner for the Carlisle vicinity.

Paterson Vehicle Company to R.F. Shetler(4/1/1941)
Pike Diner #40104 14'6" by 40'
$5370 in remaining payments
US Rt 11 south side, adjoining and east of Fred and Edith Rose.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ward & Dickinson history

  Somehow, I did not copy down all of the information from Vince Martonis concerning all the Ward & Dickinson photos owned by the Hanover History Center.

  Some of the exciting find include a total of four diners in California!  This includes a diner in Los Angeles, Sacramento and two in Oakland!  

  There is also a photo of a Plymouth Diner with no location given.  I am thinking this is Rochester, NY as there was a Plymouth Diner in town from 1934 to the 1940s.  The timing makes perfect sense!  It is possibly one of the diners that failed at different locations.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012