Saturday, August 3, 2013

Carmel Diner

  What is the use of having a blog if you don't post some history some of the time.   Here are some newspaper articles/advertisements concerning the Carmel Diner in Carmel, NY

The diner started out as a barrel roof diner and was replaced by a Silk City diner.


Tuesday morning the large dining car recently purchased by Dudley Adams,
arrived here and was placed on the foundations prepared for it on the
corner of the Ludington Arms property at Fair and Main streets. Work on
electric and water connections have been completed while the interior has
been cleaned and it is expected everything will be in readiness to open it
for business Saturday morning. The diner is about 45 feet long painted
green and the name "Carmel Diner" appears On it. The central compartment
contains the general equipment for cooking, an electric ice box, space
for general food supplies and a long counter with revolving chairs. In the
west end is a compartment with tables for ladies and in the eastern end
a lavatory.
Electric lights line the exterior of the car. The entrance is in the central part
of the car on Fair street. Regular dinners will be served in addition to
all kinds of sandwiches. The diner will be open from 6 a. m. to
midnight daily with an experienced chef in attendance.

May 1934

Dudley Adams this week purchased the Carmel Diner at the Junction of
Main and Fair streets from G. Roy Brown, who purchased it from Mr. Adams
eighteen months ago. Mr. Adams Instituted the lunch car business here about two years ago this
spring when he purchased the Carmel Diner and had it moved to the busy
street intersection here.  It was a new venture here and has proven very popular.
A few months later he sold it to Mr. Brown and then established the
Mahopac Diner on new Route 6 at Mahopac. He sold the Mahopac Diner a
few weeks ago.


A shiny new diner will soon be added to Carmels business section, replacing
the present' diner at the comer of Main street and Fair street. The
old diner has been operated the past four years by Max artd Ruth Pearlman,
who will continue to serve top meals at .bottom prices in. the same friendly atmosphere
The new diner, modern in every detail, of stainless steel construction is
expected  to arrive within coming week.  It will have six booths and 20 stools at the counter.
 The car was constructed by the Patterson Vehicle company of Paterson, N. J and is 40 by
15 feet.