Sunday, January 20, 2013

Research Notes

I need to come up with some web pages to discuss what I have done and what is available out there.

Chattel & Conditional Sales Research updates

Unite States guide to state links:
new Jersey can get rid of them, unfortunately

Massachusetts can get rid of them.

New York is SUPPOSED to be permanent, but these regulations were not passed until 1988, and I think many of the municipalities got rid of the records before 1988. Here is the Town/City, check page 114 .. Also, chattel records are filed on either the county or town level. No rhyme or reason. 
I think I need to email the archives about building permit indexes concerning Utica -

No clue for New Hampshire. It seems like they had one book where they wrote down everything, not just chattel/conditional sales agreements. But on the good news, building permits info are permanent.

  Maryland - looks like they can destroy the records also.

no help with Maine:Might have to email for assistance.

Unsure on michigan, though looks like building permits are permanent records

Pennsylvania should have conditional sales at the county level. Each county is different on the amount of info filled in. Index books/dockets are permanent, individual forms are hit or miss, based on space.Although the index books are permanent, but also can be at Historical Societies if a Judge gives the permission as happened in Wayne County.

  Nothing on the Rhode Island Website.

West Virginia - no luck, they're allowed to destroy them... But what I am wondering about are Notary Public Records.

Virginia is going to be a crap shoot too - search conditional sales