Friday, March 9, 2012

Margaretville & Shandaken in the Catskills

Phoenicia - 07/16/1948, announcement of Elmer's (Loveless) new diner by the Church on Main Street. This should be the Silk City diner that is lamenting on the old main road in Phoenicia. This diner appears in my chattel research.

Shandaken - Unfortunately, this diner does not appear in my chattel research, but a 06/04/1948
blurb mentions that "Lynch's new diner on lower Main Streets opened this weekend."

Margaretville -

Charles Evans brought a 14 stool lunch wagon to this Catskills village in 1916. He quickly sold the wagon to a Mr. Charles Bowl, who around April 1, 1941 sold the greatly enlarged wagon to a Mr. Claude Kelly. Bowl, who passed away just weeks after selling the restaurant, had bought the adjoining hotel due to the success of the business.
By 1946, Kelly was considering buying a new up to date diner. Finally in October, 1948, the diner would open in Margaretville. "Margaretville's new luxury diner opened last Friday at Bowl's, hotel Gleaming, modem, stainless steel greets the eye at every turn. Nineteen roller bearing stools make the most comfortable seating be fore a long Formica counter top wWith the very latest conduction cooking, a hamburger is turned put in three seconds; steaks, two minutes. An automatic Cory electric coffeemaker tums out batch of coffee in three minutes which an electric sandwich machine makes the sandwich to go with it."
It is interesting that the hotel got a bigger billing than the diner. The Margaretville newspaper is only online until 1955, so I do not know how long the diner lasted. In 1977, the Hotel had a disasterous fire, and online reports do not mention a diner being attached.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diner Hunter finds some great stuff.

I highly suggest you check out if you have not already.
Spencer Stewart has found many great things so far. He was also able to find a photograph of a Closson Lunch Wagon. From my records, ti would seem to have been in Mechanicville, NY