Monday, April 15, 2013

Newark Diner is on the move

Ron Dylewski sent me this article, which is nice because it contains some history a few of the other articles did not contain.

"The Newark Diner closed its doors Sunday, April 7 for the final time. Owner Jim McBride will turn the keys over to new owner, the Larkin Company on April 15."   The final destination will be Buffalo, New York

  The diner will go to Steve Harwin's place in Cleveland(mistake in the article) and get "restored"  One can only hope that it is getting new wood and new booths and maybe more original looking tile on the floor on the inside, but I also hope the glass counter stays, but i'm not holding my breath on that one.  not because of Steve or the owners, but just because of sanitary regulations are overzealous at times.

  When the 1939 Sterling diner came to Newark, it was direct competition to a Richardson built diner that was doing gangbusters in the 1920s.  George Dickinson, who owned many diners in his time was the first owner of that diner. He then sold it to his son in law, and from that point on, not much is known about what happened to that diner.

  Here is hoping to a safe landing in Buffalo in short order!   Can we get more diners into Buffalo?  Resurgence!!!!!