Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are still updating

Unfortunately there are so many different places to update on and offline, that every places is not being updated.
But a list of changes to the diner book can be found here. The biggest updates are that the Chuck Wagon Diner has opened and Dan's Diner in Spencertown has reopened and is doing well.
The Executive Diner in Hawthorne has has the facade around the front door "updated" probably by DeRaffele. The American Dream Diner in Orangeburg was built by the United Diner Co. of Philly in 2008 or 2009. Dean Smith has bought the Penn Yan Diner.
DeRaffele is building a new diner to be placed in Wappingers Falls. Shown here in May, the diner was in the process of being built at DeRaffele's factory in New Rochelle. Thanks goes out to for the initial news about this diner.